Sands of time

( One of the well kept temples near Manali)

Reflecting the bliss of ancient Gods and goddesses, Manali Temples stands tall on the religious contours of the place. The myths of Manali associate this beautiful tourist locale with many old saints like Vashishtha and Manu. It is believed that Manali had been the abode of spiritual satisfaction many centuries back. The temples of Manali still bear the imprint of that very contentment and strong devotion.

Manu Temple is believed to be the only temple of Manu in India, who is considered as the creator of the human race on earth. Located at a distance of 3 km from the main bazaar in Old Manali, the temple is believed to be the abode of Manu, the ancient law-giver of India.

Its close connection with the seventh incarnation of the sage is due to mythology that states his saving the Vedas and the seven sages from inundation during the great flood.



Vashistha temple of Manali houses the sculpture of the great saint who had been dressed in dhoti, white shawl and a cap. The temple is known to be 400 years old and is visited by local devotees on a regular basis . Somehow we couldn’t visit to this temple. Another most famous and landmark temple is Hidimba’s temple. Local says its not Hidimba , the proper name of the godess is Hidimdi Devi ! also known as the Hadimdi Temple which identified the female as di in Dimasa Kachari word. Hidimba was a ruler and his sister was Hidimdi. Though the character is famous as Hidimba , the wife of Bhim and a mother of ghatotkatch in Mahabharata.


Hadimba Temple is not just another temple or seat of God, it’s the pride of Manali, said to be the guardian of folks through ages. Nobody knows when the temple was constructed. I first saw the temple in a famous Bollywood Movie “ROJA”.

Further it’s nice place to trek from wherever you stay in Manali. Walk through the woods is amazing. Offer your prayers in the temple. Come out and sit there for some time. Nothing other than the pine trees rubbing each others branches is heard.


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