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Smita & I by Deepti Naval

દીપ્તિ નવલે એક કવિતા લખી હતી પોતાના અને સ્મિતા પાટિલ પર , પણ વાંચીને લાગશે અરે!! આ તો તમારી મારી આપણી સહુની જ વાત કહી દીધી છે .


“SMITA AND I” : Deepti Naval

Always on the run
Chasing our dreams
We met each time
At baggage claims
VIP lounges
Check- in counters
Stood a while together
Among gaping crowds
Spoke, unspoken words
Yearning to share
Yet afraid, afraid
Of ourselves
All around us
People cheering, leering
And we, like spectacles
Amidst all the madness
Trying to live a moment
Of truth
A glance, a touch
A feeling to hold on to
And move on…
The last time we sat together
Waiting for a flight
I remember I’d said,
‘There must be another way
Of living this life!’
For a long time
You remained silent
Without blinking
Without turning
‘There isn’t’
You are gone, and
I’m still running…
Still trying
To prove you wrong…………………


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