Dear Me, Far Pavallions, mann mogra

No one is free , even birds are chained to the sky…..


These black-spotted Gulls are migratory and after a sharp fall in the temperatures in the Polar Regions, they prepare for migration. Their bodies become lean and thin for migratory flight and with their accurate sense of direction they start a journey sometimes covering more than 10,000 kms. They come to India mostly from Siberia or Australia in November or December to escape from the harsh vagaries of the northern winter when the daylight hours and food are short. With the culmination of winter season which also marks the end of their mating season, these migratory birds return to their native place with the young ones only to come back in the winter season next year.


Strangely enough, Bombay has more birds than meets the eye. If you care to look, you’ll notice that crows, pigeons and sea gulls are not the only birds in the city. Parrots and sparrows are very common. Many migratory birds tend to make a halt on any of the green patches in the city. Herons and pelicans have been seen in the Bombay harbour. Keep watch, you may spot something to confound the experts thoroughly.

birds are indicators of the enviroment , if they are in trouble , we ll soon in be trouble.


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