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Life is beautiful : Santorini


Oia, on the western tip of Santorini is arguably the most picturesque village on the whole island. White-washed buildings, reached by narrow winding steps, cling to the cliffs, and there are numerous hotels and apartments, that have views over the caldera.

Oia’s narrow streets are packed with taverns, cafes, souvenir shops, picturesque houses and art galleries. Santorini’s famous blue-domed churches add a splash of colour to the mostly white and cream buildings. A Venetian fortress perches on the edge of the cliff with views out across the Aegean.

Santorini is perhaps most famous for its sunsets and quite rightly so as they are breathtaking. Oia is considered to be the best place on the island to watch the sun go down, but unless you have your own room or apartment with a private terrace and a view, then be prepared to jostle for a good position to watch the sunset with hundreds of other people.

Another and more romantic way to enjoy the sunset is to book a table in one of the many restaurants in Fira and Oia that have outside tables and good views over the caldera. Or take a bottle of Santorini wine and a couple of glasses and find a quiet spot somewhere along the caldera path (remember to bring a torch so you can find your way back in the dark!)

Wherever you stay in Santorini and wherever you choose to watch the sunset, time spent on the island is both romantic and magical. You just won’t want to leave.















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