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Ek chal Tari , Ek chal mari


El Chaal Tari Ek Chaal Mari

A highly ambitious girl, Saloni is desperate to break herself free from the middle class dreams and wants to make it big in life. Not content with only being a serial actor, she knows she has to find a shortcut to achieve her goal in life. Setting her eyes on glamour world, she befriends her college mate Vikram, a lensman, who has crush on Saloni but cannot tell Saloni about it. But once her purpose is served, Saloni knocks him off from her life. She now befriends Ashutosh as she finds in him potential to make it big in the world of glamour.

This is when she runs into Gautam Virvani, scion of a corporate tycoon. A spoilt child, addicted to women, wine and drugs, the only person Gautam is scared of is his father Gurunam Virvani, a stickler for discipline who started from a humble background and made it big in life. To Saloni, Gautam represents everything she longs for in life: wealth, money, fame, power. She can get acceptance in Virvani family only if she mothers Gautam’s child.

Gautam and Saloni get very close, but Gautam realizes that Saloni is frightfully ambitious and can go to any length to gain legitimacy. So when Saloni informs Gautam about her carrying his child, he asks her to abort the child. Desperate to get rid of Saloni, Gautam now hires a man to bump her off, but the man had to suddenly flee the country because of a criminal incident.

This man is Vikram Palekar, Saloni’s friend who is now out to take revenge on Saloni for the way she had dumped him. So on one hand is Gautam who is prepared to eliminate Saloni, on the other hand is Vikram, a jilted lover who is out to avenge the injustice meted out to him. And unmindful of their moves is Saloni who is merrily making her own plans.

And then Gautam dies of drug overdose.

Finding her plan threatened, Saloni approaches Gurunam, Gautam’s father and reveals that she is carrying Gautam’s child, the only heir to Virvani legacy. Gurunam Virvani finds a middle path and sends her abroad for delivery, but Saloni starts getting calls from Vikram who threatens to reveal her relations with Ashutosh if she does not pay him five million dollars. Taken aback by this sudden attack, Saloni has a fall and gives birth to a daughter Pari.

Meantime, Saloni fails to get money from Virvani’s Swiss office to silence Vikram and decides to return to India.

Back in India, Saloni meets with an accident where she is rescued by Sudesh Singh, Additional Police Commissioner, who later helps her in life and comes very close to her. In one of the subsequent twists, Saloni learns that she is not the daughter of her parents who raised her after finding her abandoned by roadside.

What is stored in destiny ??? Ek Chal Tari  ….. Ek chal Mari



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